Complaints Policy

SEDD is committed to provide high quality services that suit the needs and expectations of the customers. Also, SEDD believes that all customers have the right to place complaints and it welcomes them as a valuable mean of feedback as well as a gateway for the development of its services.
This policy highlights the interest of the Senior Management to deal with complaints efficiently, effectively, quickly and righteously that is carried out through a sophisticated complaints system. This system is characterized by the ease of access, speed, confidentiality of information provided, reliability, simplicity, impartiality, effectiveness, and control, with the necessary audit periodically conducted.
The staff responsible for the application of this system are properly trained for such purpose. It is worth mentioning that the procedures of such system have been designed according to the requirements of ISO 10002:2018. In addition, SEDD seeks constantly to comply with the best international standards. 

The methodology handling complaints is based on the following criteria:
  • In case of  being not satisfied with the provided service or inquiry, or feeling of not meeting the standards mentioned in the charter,  you can file a complaint through the reception desk, website, fax, phone, e-mail or chatbot.
  • Responding to al comments and feedbacks received and commitment to correcting errors.
  • Informing you of receiving the complaint within 3 working days.
  • Looking into the submitted complaint, providing you with proposed solution, and taking your opinion of the suggested action within 15 working days from the date of receiving the complaint.
  •   In case of being unable to respond to the complaint within the specified time, we will work to provide you with a temporary reply and notify you of the expected date for the final response..
  • Pursuing the measures taken and ensuring the implementation of needed procedures within the specified time. Also, seeking to receive the feedback and opinion regarding result of measures taken and applied.
  • In case of not being satisfied with measures applied, we will allow you to file a grievance through the e-mail address within 5 working days from the date of closing the complaint.
  • Looking into the submitted grievance and informing you about the results.